Corporate Hospitality

One of benefits of a venue like Hurtwood Park is that it offers outstanding opportunities for corporate entertaining.

Polo is particularly suited to creating a hospitable environment for business entertaining as the action is continuous, though not necessarily dominating like many other pitch or arena sports.

This allows a degree of choice for the spectator to watch, concentrate on the game or the freedom to maintain a business discussion or just simply socialise in our fully licensed bar and restaurant.


The following activities can also be made available at Hurtwood Park:

Sponsored and exclusive polo day, Product launches, presentations and promotions Private luncheons and dinner/dances, Weddings, birthdays and anniversaries, Outdoor activities and Art Exhibitions.

Hospitality at Hurtwood is not just limited to Polo. For something unique and different why not try the facilities at Hurtwood Park for your conference or Team Building days?

We are able to provide the perfect facilities and atmosphere to generate interaction and better performance among colleagues.

Success is not just the quality of the training but also where it takes place and Hurtwood

has an atmosphere in which people can interact more readily to allow ideas to flow freely.
The splendour of the venue and its surroundings provides you with a dividend that you are looking for from your training investment.