The Clubhouse, even though recently built, does have a unique history!

Kenney had been looking for a suitable historic building to use as a clubhouse and heard of an 18th Century barn dismantled and in storage.

He immediately set upon the task of acquiring this wonderful and valuable building and was delighted with what he had found (one of Kenney’s hobbies is preserving historical barns).

We believe it dates from around 1750, with some parts being 450 years old, as we know that in those days, large structures like this often incorporated timbers from earlier buildings.

The rebuilding process to restore this barn to its former glory took 18 months.

The interior was designed by Kenney, assisted by Colin Woods whose input and planning expertise was invaluable. It is entirely constructed of local materials and is a monument reflecting the restoration skills of local builders and craftsmen.

The project was overseen by fellow polo player and club member Richard Coles. Come and have a look and see for yourself!