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Horse Care in Covid 19

During the pandemic it has been difficult to keep horses in full work or in a normal routine. Important things to consider:

  • Follow any guidelines given by your livery yard. Some yards did not allow owners access to the yards during full lock down and have now started allowing people to return. Follow the individual rules on your yard and be respectful of others who may be more vulnerable.
  • Feeding: If you have had to reduce work, reduce feed accordingly. Minimal hard feed is necessary if the horse has good roughage and is in little work.
  • Exercise: many people have chosen to reduce their horses’ exercised during this time in order to reduce risk of injury to themselves and decrease pressure on the NHS. As you begin working horses again be mindful that they will be fresh after time off and you may need to lunge them before riding or seek help from a professional as to how to bring them back to work safely.
  • Farriery: Your horse’s feet still need attention during this time. Contact your farrier regarding how he is working and maintaining social distance. You may need to have the horse tied outside ready for the farrier and stand 2m from them. Oral sedation may need to be considered if the horse needs further restraint , contact your vet regarding this.
  • Vets: Your veterinary team are still on hand to treat your horse for any urgent injury or illness. Routine appointments and vaccinations have now also resumed. Contact your vet prior to any appointments to discuss how social distance will be maintained, the vet may need to sedate the horse to examine it properly when this may not be necessary under normal circumstances.
  • Physio and other treatments: Some practitioners are now offering their services again in these areas. Make sure you call to discuss the appointment in advance so that you know how social distance can be maintained in individual circumstances and whether the appointment can be carried out at low risk.


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